Sixth Form - Senior Students for 2019 to 2020

Our Senior Students comment on life in The Sele School Sixth Form

Head Boy

Hi, I'm James and I'm the Head Boy of The Sele School. I am very proud of our school; I believe its strengths are encouragement and support that nurtures a supportive and hardworking atmosphere which enables all students to thrive.

We know our teachers well, allowing for teaching styles that accommodate to all strengths and weaknesses. I am currently studying Geography, Art & Design and Business Studies.

We are all encouraged to take on leadership roles within our Sixth Form; we have a very involved Sixth Form committee and an amazing Senior Team. These roles have helped build the confidence and skill sets for many students and it has given me the confidence to pursue my ambitions. 

Head Girl

Welcome! I’m Regina, Head Girl of the Sele School. The subjects that I am studying are Spanish, History and Art.

Looking back to the time when I first started Year 7 here at Sele, I can proudly say that I would have not chosen any other school. All the staff here encouraged and helped me when I was in the position of having difficulties with the English language, for my mother tongue is Hungarian.

As Head Girl, I promote celebrating our cultural differences, an area I feel passionately about. I work alongside our Language Department in running activities and events promoting the importance of learning a second language. I’m planning on going to university to study Spanish further alongside tourism and/or event management. 

STEM Ambassador

Hello, my name is Billy and I am the STEM ambassador here at The Sele School. Currently I am studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths. In the future I hope to complete a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and to work for one of the nation’s leading automotive companies.

As STEM Ambassador I oversee events and activities involving Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology. This can be anything from holding Assemblies in National Space Week to helping out with the Robotics Team in lower years.

Looking back at the past seven years at Sele I can confidently say that choosing to come here was the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I learned so much about myself and the career that I want to go into, but I have been given countless opportunities that have enriched my learning and deepened my passion for engineering.

Sixth Form Senior Team share their thoughts

Hi, I’m Naomi and Head of the Sixth Form Senior Committee. I am currently studying History, Art and Photography. I arrange various charitable events over the course of the school year which includes activities for events such as Children in Need and Red Nose Day. My team and I organise events for all year groups to take part in and we encourage participation. We also arrange various house events to strengthen the house spirt and to cement a collegiate approach between the upper and lower school.

Hello, I’m Michalina and I study Photography, 3-D Art and Design and Business. I have always loved to draw, sketch and design products. Within my Senior Team role I run art and design clubs for the lower school in our Tech block. Our Sixth Form here at The Sele School has encouraged me to investigate a wide variety of art and design careers. The teachers have had a big impact on the direction I would like to take and they have all helped me decide and plan on next steps after sixth form. Currently I am planning to go to De Monfort University in Leicester to continue my studies in 3-D Art and Design with a specific focus on Architecture.

Hi, I am Ally and I study English Literature, Business and Geography. I aspire to continue my study of geography at university when I finish my A Levels. The Sele School has been continually supportive of me since I joined in year 7 and its friendly close-knit environment and helpful staff members have helped me to be successful and continually grow in confidence over the years. I really enjoy being part of the senior team as I organise support for the lower school students in English and Geography.

Hey there! I’m Alex and I love being part of our Sixth Form as it gives students an opportunity to work closely with all the teachers and lower school students in a friendly and motivational atmosphere so that all can achieve or exceed expectations through hard work. I am currently studying Sociology, Health and Social Care, Business and Spanish. Our school inspires and encourages all students to try out new things such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I plan to go to university to study Dutch and Management, and I feel confident that through all the support I have at school I will achieve this goal.  

Greetings! I’m Joe and I currently study English, Maths and Geography. If being here for the past seven years has only taught me one thing, it’s that what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens in. Inside of school, I help lower school students with their maths homework, as well as mentor two Year 8 students, whilst outside of school I help debate and draft transport policy as part of Transport for London’s Youth Panel. With the amount of opportunities I have here at school, including having leadership responsibilities as member of the senior team, I feel well placed when it comes to applying for university later this year, where I am looking to read Human Geography.